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    The Glass Professor

    Sick of WATER SPOTS, streaky windows on shower and house glass? Or shower surfaces covered in soap scum or impossible to remove stains? Well worry no more. If we get straight to the point...The Glass Professor Ltd exists to help make your life easier. We can literally put the sparkle back in your world.



    How do we do that?

    By providing the best glass cleaning product in the world. And DIY - we have DIY systems for coating your glass to repel scum and stains in the future.

    How do we know they’re the best?

    Because the Glass Professor has developed them himself. He says "I have tested them thousands of times, in different locations, environments and water types around the world".

    Over time, the hard NZ tap water, which often contains silica and other chemicals can cause permanent damage to your shower surfaces or any other glass. And if you add soap scum to it, it's almost impossible to have a clean shower, but this is one of many areas Glasso excels in.

    The hard water and sun UV rays have a negative effect on all other see-through surfaces such as windows, car glass, headlights and acrylic on boats. We can guarantee all these surfaces can be made spotless, without any water spots or watermarks. 

    When concentrated Glasso Repel is then applied, it acts as a non-stick coating which stops the scum from building up again.

    Any new water spots which appear, after using Glasso Repel, are effortlessly wiped away.

    Not only can we restore shower glass to a brand-new state, we can also increase the clarity and sparkle for an extra wow factor.

    What makes The Glass Professor the expert?

    Twenty-odd years ago, I happened across a potent liquid that could clean glass like a dream. The problem was, this liquid was a dangerous acid that was unsafe for consumer use.

    Now, I’m an extremely patient problem solver and love product design. So I worked for years to develop a safe and effective product that would achieve the same results but would be kind to the environment. And it works like a charm.

    Where can I use Glasso?

    Glasso is capable of tackling a huge range of surfaces, restoring their gleam and clarity.

    Sure, it works wonders on cleaning showers glass, but there are a huge range of surfaces and situations where it can restore gleam and an original newness

    • Tap fittings
    • Fibreglass shower walls
    • Ceramic hand basins
    • Windows
    • Car windscreens, headlights and mirrors
    • Boat glass
    • Boat fibreglass
    • Swimming pool and deck balustrade
    • Fish tanks
    • Most metals

    What The Glass Professor offers

    If you have tried other products with no or little success, then Glasso Polish and Repel will do the job well and it will remain clear for longer periods.

    Our NZ made products come with a 100% money back guarantee.

    Contact us for a free quote and give our tried, tested and proven products a try - you will be amazed at the result!
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