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    House Glass Restoration Services


    How long will Glasso Repel last on house glass? 

    Depending on location and UV damage, Glasso Hydroseal correctly applied on  house glass can last up to 4 years, as seen on test house glass on an existing house. Normal cleaning should be done. After a storm or every 3 months if the glass is dirty, wash it with a light detergent and water, lightly dry glass with a squeegee. Do not all the wind to dry the glass with water on it ever.

    This may depend on west facing glass with relation to the summer hot sun and  U.V. damage.

    How does Glasso Repel work?

    Concentrated Glasso Repel & Glasso Hydroseal work by changing the surface tension of the glass.

    When any untreated surface has water on it it will remain wet.

    Concentrated Glasso will repel water for an extended period of years, although eventually the surface will need further application, depending on the use of soap or other cleaning product. On shower glass, Glasso repel will have to be reapplied every 5 weeks, on house glass it can last up to 3 years.

    If I use the Drill kit are the supplied pads reusable?

    Lightly press a garden hose against the pad and wash excess Concentrated Glasso Polish from the pad, sun dry it and store it up to next time.

    Shower glass cleaning

    What happens after I have polished out water spots / soap scum and sealed my shower glass?

    It's very important to dry any remaining water droplets from your shower glass and your glass will be perfect for up to 5 weeks. Even though the glass is sealed, there is always some water left on the glass. Wipe it away with a squeegee or a towel. This greatly improve the clarity of your shower glass.

    Can I use Glasso on swimming pools, tiles and glass?

    Yes, the Glasso System is excellent to use on swimming pools as we have machine polished and sealed many of them.

    Ask us for a free quote.

    The Aquatic Centre, Rotorua / Bay Wave, Mount Maunganui and many domestic swimming pools, have been cleaned and restored by us.

    The 24/7 thermal activity of Rotorua attacked the glass over 30+ years, but the pool glass was fully restored to better than brand new and crystal-clear.

    Car or Boat Glass

    1. Windscreen glass

    Properly applied concentrated Glasso repel will last 1-6 months depending on wiper use. Please do no use it with anti-freeze product.

    Properly applied means first cleaning car glass with concentrated Glasso Polish and applying concentrated Glasso Repel correctly. Apply 2 coatings of concentrated Glasso Repel.

    For longer jobs or for glass on many vehicles or boats, we provide a drill mounted kit.

    2. Head Lights

    Car can fail a warrant because of hazy head lights. Head lights can be restored and save literally hundreds of dollars of replacement costs.

    Try our Car or Boat drill Kit

    1 Polishing pad
    1 backing plate
    Drill polish your head lights with Glasso polish.

    Although you can do the whole job by hand with the hand polishing system.