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    Proven examples of how Glasso can be used to restore and bring back to life glass, fibreglass, mirrors, ceramics & tap fittings. 

    Swimming Pools (Commercial & Private) 

    See what we can do to restore a very badly stained swimming pool. You can do it yourself or ask us to do it for you. You can even restore your swimming pool’s tiles to a brand new condition. The image above shows Rotorua swimming pool.

    This is Baywave swimming pool below.

    We did also other maintenance job;

    – Removing waterspots and other residue with Glasso Pow! followed by a clean water rinse is usually quite adequate then, wiped dry.
    – And using our Glasso Repel product to preserve the look of the stainless balustrade. It repels water and prevents adherence of foreign matter on the surface.