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    Proven examples of how Glasso products can be used to restore and bring back to life water-stained glass, fibreglass, mirrors, ceramics & tap fittings to their showroom gleam - WOW!

    Shower & House

    Water spots on shower - Before and after.

    Chemical Stains

    Chemical stains from plant sprayers removed from house glass.

     Cloudy shower glass doors, expertly restored to crystal-clear.

    Looking out of this 20-year old glass shower door in Omokoroa. Amazing results. Before you could barely see the hand, after a test on the shower glass, look at the amazing crystal-clear result.

     Crystal-clear shower door using Glasso Polish.

    Before and after on shower doors. Using concentrated Glasso Polish, a complete glass restoration and a perfect result is guaranteed. Afterwards, all glass was sealed with concentrated Glasso Repel to avoid a repeat of the same problem.

    Omokoroa shower door before, during and after hand polishing.

    Paengaroa shower door before and after hand polishing.

    Before and After on a 1 year old shower in Wellington. Picture taken by a very happy customer.

    Seaspray/Salt-water stains removed by Glasso.

    The square on the middle picture above was hand polished removing salt and seaspray bonded to the glass on this seaside residence.

    Badly stained shower in the Kaimai house, a lot of mineral can be a problem but not if you are using Glasso® products. It can be restored to a brand new condition. Don't forget, we can do the job or you can do it yourself.

    The house’s owner had the sodium (salt and sea spray) damaged glass removed while the new timber framing was installed. The sodium damaged glass was then machine polished with concentrated Glasso Polish and sealed with concentrated Glasso Repel. The result: a brand new looking conservatory for a fraction of the cost of buying new glass, and also the glass is now hydrophobic = water repelling.

    These shower tiles were machine polished and easily restored to a brand new condition, using concentrated Glasso Polish. Test sample by hand.