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    From: Peter L... <nzl..@gmail.com>
    Sent: Thursday, 9 September 2021 10:56 am
    To: Phillip Robinson <info@glasso.co.nz>
    Subject: window renovations
    Hi Phillip,
    Thanks for the great work.
    The windows are great and we are well satisfied with with your work to restore them.
    Thanks again
    Stephen & Glenda L. <g...@xtra.co.nz>
    Thu 20/05/2021 11:42 AM



    I live in Katikati where our water contains silica which had virtually caused the glass to become opaque in both of our showers.  I contacted Phillip from GLASSO who

    has completely restored the glass and  and coated it with a substance which repels the water droplets.

    The only unfortunate outcome was that I can now see into the shower clearly and the tiles are also badly marked. Phillip advised that he can also clean tiles which I will certainly have done at a later date.

    Glenda L.

    Marilyn S... <marilyns.@yahoo.com>
    Fri 26/03/2021 12:46 PM
    Thank you Phillip. You have done such a great job on our showers, they look like new, thank you
    Regards Marilyn


    Thu 25/03/2021 9:31 PM

    Hi Philip. 

    Just wanted to tell you that I placed a little Glasso on the damp pad and rubbed it over the stains on my car windows.. It worked like a dream! One window done so far and it is sparkling clean! Bravo!

    Geoffrey W.

    Wayne R <aw....@actrix.co.nz>
    Fri 22/01/2021 3:56 PM

    Hi Phillip 

    Thank you for the work undertaken, a great job and the glass looks fantastic.

    Alison and Wayne R...

    Jim McC <ki.....@gmail.com>
    Mon 18/01/2021 2:56 PM
     I’m very safety conscious with visibility whilst driving and I demand absolute clarity.  After an unsatisfactory outcome from a car groomer I’m delighted to say The Glass Professor has made the screen as good as a new one. Magnificent outcome and I highly recommend Glasso. 
    Joyce W... <j......@hotmail.co.nz>
    Mon 11/01/2021 10:34 AM
    Hi Phillip
    Many thanks for a wonderful job you made of my windows they are sparkling clean.
    I had roses spray on them I tried everything to get it off nothing would remove it.
    I would fully recommend you to anyone that has a problem.
    Joyce West
    Stephen C... <s....@gmail.com>
    Mon 12/10/2020 3:32 PM
    You are very welcome Phillip. Been demonstrating the product to another couple of families including my neighbour (who has a number of rental properties in town) and they are amazed and wonder why they hadn't heard about it before! Thank you for producing such an awesome product. 
    Best Regards

    Copy of an email received in March 2020.
    Jean C... <j......@gmail.com>
    Wed 18/03/2020 10:39 AM
    Hi Phil,
    Herewith our appreciation of the work you did.
    A leaflet drop introduced us to the "Glass Professor" and when we contacted Phil, we received prompt service.  Our windows had had 35 years of exposure to windblown sand and salt, and were in a sorry state.  With the professor's expertise they are now sparkling and in as new condition.  It is great to be able to see whether it is raining or not without going outside!
    Thank you Phil, we are delighted with the result of your efforts.  We found you to be reliable, friendly and cooperative.
    Jack and Jean Cole
    See pictures before and after

    "The Glass Professor did a brilliant job cleaning our shower glass. We thought the glass would be beyond cleaning. Great service."

    Copy of an email received in February 2020


    Maggie, Katikati




    Hi Philip 
    Happy to give you a review as follows:
    Our bathroom tiles had years of limescale/soapscum build up; 
    I had tried everything to clean them without success. Philip spent a whole day working on them, as well as the bath and basin,
    and restored all to a fantastic shiny surface. Delighted with the result, and especially that I dont have to do anything to keep
    them this way, except to spray them with his product every
    few months.
    Thank you! Maggie


    My name is J..... H.... I first discovered the Glasso products a couple of years ago when I met Phil by chance. We got talking, and he told me about his product. Immediately I connected with it as I was increasingly frustrated at the water spots that covered my shower glass and my car. I had tried other products to no avail. All I got was scratches and none of the spots removed. I got a price for a professional to come and do it and it was almost cheaper to buy a whole new shower!
    I was skeptical at first until he explained what the water spots are, and how to use his product correctly to remove it. I brought a kit from him and went home and started my shower that weekend. I was gob smacked. The result was beyond my expectations. It took a while as my shower was really dirty, and later that afternoon when I had sealed it with his glass sealer, it looked better than new. Not a scratch and the water ran off and I hardly had to squeegee at all.
    I am a busy guy and I don’t get time to spend a lot of effort, and I have not touched my shower for 2 years. The sealer has since gone but the glass is still pretty clear. I can see small spots appearing in some places and the bottom of the shower has got pretty bad but I know it is easy to remove with Glasso. I have just cleaned and resealed it.
    Attached is some pictures of my shower to show you the results. For the small initial investment I have been able to keep my glass surfaces looking like new.
    You need to try it. Used correctly you won’t believe your eyes.
    Thanks Phil from Glass Professor, you sure know your stuff.

    Jackie & Keith - March 2019

    "Our two showers were white with staining and water spots. I had tried everything that the hardware stores have and anyone who has been through this knows the hell I am talking about and the fact that they didn't work at all.

    We paid out good money for these things one of them a tub of muck which after scrubbing and scrubbing removed a little bit of stains. Another one is like an abrasive block of soap. I paid a lot of money for it and like the other one did near nothing and when we washed the shower glass I was angry because the glass had thousands of scratches on it from the block. 

    My husband had been given a card of a company that has a written 100% Guarantee in writing to remove the shocking mess and suddenly everything changed for the better. This company is called The Glass Professor Ltd. A guy answered my call and came around the same day and did a test on it. WOW the shower glass was again crystal clear and water is running, not staying on the glass anymore !! 

    We then went to the next shower where my tiled walls of the shower were looking like they were 200 years old, stained, no shine, same with the floor. The Glass Professor again did the magic test. I hired him and now I have a beautiful shower upstairs and downstairs. The shower floor tiles and walls as well are as if they are brand new !!

    Incredibly our car glass and caravan glass was also done and now are restored. We bought a ” KIT ” from them and did the work ourselves. I can absolutely recommend The Glass Professor Ltd."

    Sara, Br - August 2018

    "I hired The Glass Professor to remove water stains on a shower that looked terrible, I needed it to look like new as my clients were renting the home for a holiday rental.Phillip used a polishing machine, cleaned the shower and then sealed it. I was amazed that the shower glass looked like new when he was finished, it is now 6 months down the track and it is so easy to clean we also brought a maintenance kit to use in the future to help keep the shower sealed haven’t had to use it yet. I then hired The Glass Professor on another property to clean and seal an open glass shower with a large panel, it also looks fabulous and the owner is thrilled with the results.
    As a property manager I rely on professional contractors with excellent communication, service and products that work and last, for these reasons I would recommend Glasso and The Glass Professor."

    De’arne Yorke, Nu Yorke Property Management - August 2018

    "Having spent many hours and tried all the commercially available glass cleaning solutions, without much success, we sought professional help. A google search found Phillip – The Glass Professor. Phillip was able to remove the lime scale contamination from both the glass and tile surfaces in all three of our showers plus the exterior of a large lounge window. The result was sensational. The finishing process, including the application of a sealer/water repellant, has left us with surfaces which are clear and easy to keep clean. You won’t find a man more passionate about his profession. Don’t waste your time and money on DIY alternatives."

    Bruce & Kris, Katikati/Waihi - August 2018

    "We contacted the Glassprofessor, Phillip after reading about his work on the Neighbourly site. We have two tiled showers with glass doors and in spite of our best efforts, we struggled to remove the mineral and soap scum deposits using all the usual available products. The Glassprofessor had the answer. A special chemical formulation and a fair bit of elbow grease. The results were astounding with the glass doors and glazed tiles restored to as new condition.

    Phillip worked tirelessly over two days He even cleaned all the chrome shower fittings and the cost was reasonable. We are confident in recommending his services and products for the restoration of shower cubicles back to original condition. "

    Jacqui and Rob Thompson - August 2018

    Other Work

    Tauranga Bayfair Swimming Pool 2016 - 2019 - 2021

    We were chosen because Glasso polish, our product was the only one who could do the job safely and with 100% perfect result.

    Rotorua Swimming Pool 2017

    Another public pool where inside glass had to be cleaned for safety reasons. All machine polished because of the size of the swimming pool but smaller jobs can be done by hand as well.